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Vivity is a first-of-its-kind joint venture in Southern California


Designed to help businesses provide high-quality, coordinated, and affordable care for employees and their families

World-Class Care

While the health systems in Vivity’s network are based in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, they are known globally for delivering outstanding care


Employees want an easier healthcare journey that is engaging and affordable, and delivers the best care possible. Employers seek lower healthcare costs and want employees to remain healthy and productive. This is what Vivity was designed to do.

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The Top-Ranked Health Systems in Southern California


Vivity was formed when Anthem came together with several top-ranked, award-winning health systems to change the way healthcare is delivered. Partners include Cedars-Sinai, Huntington Hospital, MemorialCare Health System, PIH Health, PIH Good Samaritan Hospital, Providence, Torrance Memorial Medical Center, and UCLA Health. Each is impressive on their own merits — together, they create a truly unique, collaborative level of healthcare.

The Incentive to Delivery High-Quality Care


From provider offices to hospitals to day-to-day care management, Vivity’s partners are committed to delivering the very best quality and patient experience through an integrated health plan that is affordable for employers and for members.


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A Member-First Experience

Brokers and employers can appreciate how Vivity makes access to care simpler, faster, and more efficient.


Our philosophy puts the patient at the center of everything we do. When members are engaged in their health, it leads to better outcomes and helps keep healthcare costs at bay. This is why Vivity gives its members choices. They can select their primary care physician (PCP) to serve as their main doctor, but they are not restricted to a particular medical group.


To make the healthcare journey simpler, Vivity allows members to ask their PCP for a referral to any specialty in the network. We also give them the ability to self-refer for care in certain circumstances though innovative programs and services such as:

Direct access

Members can refer themselves to dermatologists; ear, nose, and throat doctors; OB-GYNs; and allergists in their medical group.

Speedy referral

Doctors can refer members to a variety of specialists without preauthorization.

24/7 Nurseline

Registered nurses are available by phone for support to answer members’ health questions.

Physician directed access

Unique to Vivity, this allows members to request care from a specialist at a different medical group in the network. Their primary doctor can refer them to that medical group, offering more choice and access to doctors compared to traditional health maintenance organizations.

Urgent care access

You can go to urgent care for common health issues, as well as serious but non-life-threatening conditions such as cold and flu, sprains and strains, or minor cuts that need stitches. Contact your Primary Medical Group and they’ll help guide you to the right urgent care center.

Away-from-home access

If you or a family member temporarily live outside of Vivity’s service areas, such as long-term travel for more than 90 days; have separated families; or you need coverage for a dependent enrolled in college, you will still be covered in an emergency. If you need additional care, we can help you find a doctor who is accepted by your plan.

24/7 telehealth online

With LiveHealth Online members can have virtual visits with a PCP by using each health system’s telehealth option. They can also have video visits with a doctor for the same copay as an office visit or receive behavioral healthcare on LiveHealth Online Psychology — all by using a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

A dedicated concierge team

Vivity provides members with personalized support for services, including finding a doctor, understanding prescriptions, or finding out how much they may need to pay for their next visit. A team member can also help quickly resolve issues that may arise in accessing their benefits or care.

Plans that are designed with simple and predictable out of pocket costs for members.


What really sets Vivity apart from traditional health maintenance organizations? When members see one of the doctors in Vivity's network, they know the cost, if any, ahead of time. Members pay a copay through a flat-fee system. This helps make payments more predictable.


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*Some Small Group plans have a low deductible.

Collaboration. Coordination. Communication.


Clinical and technological efficiencies allow Vivity to deliver high quality, affordable care.


Vivity offers an integrated care experience focusing on high-quality, cost-effective care that is affordable for members and their families. Anthem’s technology connects all of the health systems in the Vivity network, creating a leading-edge, integrated approach. This means providers get a more complete picture of each patient's health, resulting in more holistic, personal, and coordinated care.


Teamwork is part of what makes Vivity unique. Providers and professionals across the Vivity network share best practices to help all parts of Vivity continually improve and provide members with access to the best of care.


They also use Anthem’s digital tools to securely share health information across our network.


When everyone involved has a more-complete picture of a member’s health, they get better care.


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From top-ranked, award-winning doctors and health systems to a members-first philosophy, Vivity delivers the highest-quality, cost-effective standard of care. Learn what Vivity can offer to your clients and their employees. Contact your Anthem Sales representative or Account Manager or click the CONTACT US NOW button below.

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World-class, high-quality healthcare.

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