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About Us


Vivity takes an innovative approach to improve the way our members experience healthcare. We believe in delivering high-quality care that is affordable.


Who We Are


Vivity is a health plan built around people and their communities


Vivity’s care model is designed to hold all partners accountable in providing efficient, cost-effective care that focuses on prevention and outcomes. Our goal is to deliver a better healthcare experience that is affordable for local employers and members.

Vivity Health System Partners


Dedicated to delivering affordable, world-class care to Los Angeles and Orange counties


A health plan built around top-ranked hospitals, doctors, and specialists in Southern California


An HMO health plan reimagined.

Map of Los Angeles and Orange Counties


Simple, No-Deductible Payment System*


When a member sees a doctor in the Vivity network, they will know the cost, if any, ahead of time. Along with no deductibles, there are no surprises*. This is the Vivity way.


*Some Small Group plans have a low deductible.

Your Healthcare providers have a complete picture

Part of what makes us unique is the teamwork. The doctors, nurses, and staff in the Vivity network all work together to make sure they understand your healthcare needs. 

Your privacy - safe and secure

We put patient confidentiality at the top of our list. Doctors and hospitals adhere to HIPAA compliance in securely sharing health information across our network.

We share knowledge to deliver world-class care

We’re always looking for ways to become even better. The doctors and staffs in our network always communicate. They share best practices with each other — so we can give you the best care possible.


Putting Members First


 Expanded Choice of Specialty care across the Vivity network.1


 Guest Membership access within the state of California for members, spouses, or their dependents to keep their Vivity plan when temporarily residing outside of Vivity’s coverage area.2


 Simple and predictable costs for members with standard co-pays and no or low-deductible plans.


1 Members can request a referral from the member’s primary care doctor for specialty care at a partnering Vivity Medical Group. Specialty care must be deemed medically necessary, and specialists must be contracted to see Vivity patients from a partnering Medical Group or IPA.


2 Must provide an address where the member is temporarily residing for 90 days or more. Requires an application which can be submitted with the assistance of a Vivity Concierge representative.


How Vivity Works


Vivity members can ask their Primary Care Doctor for a referral for specialty care at the other participating Medical Groups in the Vivity HMO network. This offers more choices and support for our members and their families.


Members can ask their Primary Care Physician for a referral to a Specialist within the Medical Group participating in their Anthem HMO network or to a Specialist outside their Medical Group (i) if such Specialist has agreed to see Members from other Medical Groups and (ii) the member’s Primary Care Physician believes such consultation and/or treatment is Medically Necessary.

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High-quality, world-class healthcare.

Made simple and affordable.